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                                Sound System


               Front of House

                Behringer X32 Digital Mixer   OR   Midas Venice 320 mixing consoles

               (1) Lexicon MPX 500 effects processor

               (1) TC Electronics M1 effects processor

               1) TC Electronics D2 effects processor

               (1) Yamaha SPX900 effects processor

              (1) Presonus ACP-88 8 channel comp/ lmiter/ gate

              (2) DBX 166XL 2 channel comp/ limiter/gate

       12 channels of insertable compression/ limiting and gates

              BSS FCS966 Dual 31 band 1/3rd octave F.O.H. EQ

Tascam CDo1U Professional CD player

System is stereo 3-way

Loudspeaker management system is BSS Omnidrive FDS336

Crest Pro series power amplifiers

Front of House speakers:

B&C double 18" subwoofer cabinets (push pull design)  

B&C 2X15 & 1.5" horn mid-hi cabinets


QSC KW 181 powered  18" subs

QSC KW 153 powered mid/hi cabinets

with QSC K 12 monitors 


Crest monitor console 32 channels w/ 12 mixes

(12 channels) Ashley 1/3rd octave EQs

JBL SR4733A 2x15 w/ 2" horn side fills

Mackie SRM450 bi-amp monitors



AKG C1000, D-112

EV PL20 and 408

Sennheiser E-604, MD 431

Shure SM 57, 58 and 81, Beta 52, 57, 87 and 91

All AKG mic stands and booms